Hands & Feet


Manicure & Pedicure ET Body


For the ultimate spa experience... Be relaxed & pampered with our range of luxuriously sumptuous Spa Products or our Natural Aromatherapy Blends Spa body conditioning treatments for beautiful nourished soft hands and feet...


Essential Manicure ….. £15                                     

(File, exfoliate, cuticles, moisturise, Paint or nail strengthener)


Aroma-Spa Manicure …… £20

( A luxurious aromatherapy Spa manicure including a sumptuous aroma-wax massage, leaving hands soft, smooth & rejuvenated, includes paint or nail strengthener)


Deluxe Spa Manicure …… £23

( A deluxe Spa manicure using our luxurious Spa range , leaving hands feeling soft, smooth re hydrated & rejuvenated, includes paint or nail strengthener)


Essential  Pedicure …. £20                                          

(File, soak, exfoliate, cuticles, moisturise, Paint optional)


Aroma-Spa Pedicure ….. £25

( A luxurious aromatherapy Spa Pedicure including a sumptuous aroma-wax massage, leaving feet soft, smooth & rejuvenated, includes paint or nail strengthener)


Deluxe Spa Pedicure…… £28

( Pure Luxury Spa pedicure using our luxurious Spa products & wonderful Footsie Bath , leaving feet feeling soft, smooth & pampered, includes paint or nail strengthener)


DetoXsoak…… £20

(Relax,  Detox & De stress tired, aching feet with this wonderful foot treatment... see DetoXsoak page for more info)


File & Paint ..... £10


Aroma-wax hand or foot treatment £5

Anti-ageing, smoothing hand treatment £5


Add Minx or Gels to  man/ped for only £10



Gel Polish ..... £20

(ultra glossy long lasting new generation LED/UV nail colour)



Gel Overlays   …… £25


Gel Extensions (Tips) …… £35


Gel Extensions (Sculptures)...... £48


Infills …..  £20


Repairs (per nail) ….. £4


Soak off, tidy & replenish natural nails …. £10


Soak off/redo gels ..... + £3


Nail Art from 50p per nail



Minx Nails fingers or toes ..... £20


Minx Nails fingers & toes ..... £35


Minx Info Page


Glitz & Glamour Party Package ..... £25         


(1 set minx, 2 Glitter & 1 Crystal tattoo)


Glitz & Glamour Deluxe Package ... £40      


(minx fingers & toes, Glitzy Lips, 1 Glitter & 1 Crystal tattoo)


Glitzy Lips ..... £5

(foil lip cover lasts up to 8 hours)


Glitzy Lip colours



Cuccio 4th Generation Matching Professional Colour Veneers & Polishes

Long Lasting Beautiful Glossy Nails

Cuccio Colour Professional Nail Laquer - Triple Pigmentation Technology for true colour coverage, no DPB or Toluene

Cuccio Colour Veneer (UV/LED) professional nail colour  - Formulated with Triple Pigmentation Technology for guaranteed colour coverage, 100% polish free stabilized formula

*Please note actual colour shades may vary from images